personal branding photography

It is like catching your heart on camera.

Personal Branding Photography is the art of capturing the heart of your unique personality and business on camera. Is a reinvention of what it means to market a business. We capture not only your expertise but also give your clients a glimpse of the person behind the business.

client testimonial

“Working with Monika on my personal branding photography was a great experience! I enjoyed the initial meeting we had to really understand what I wanted out of my pictures and how we could achieve that. We exchanged ideas and inspiration ahead of the shoot and the result was the pictures were just what I was hoping for. On the day Monika made it really easy to feel relaxed and had great ideas for both product photography and more lifestyle shots”


The difference between headshot & personal branding photography

A personal brand session is all about capturing the personality and heart behind your business. With headshots, the focus is simply capturing your portrait, most often on a plain background. With a personal branding photography session we’ll still grab a few headshots for you to use in your business, but we dive deeper into the story of what you do and why you do it! We capture the details of your business, lifestyle photos, photos of you in action, your products etc. We’ll customize your session to the type of business you run and the story you wish to tell about your brand through your photos.

How to prepare for personal branding photo shoot?

How to prepare for personal branding photo shoot?
personal branding photography


The best tip I can give you for choosing personal branding photography locations is to start by deciding what kind of story you want to tell, and then build your selections around that. Focus on environments where you outwork your passion. This might be where you work behind the scenes, or where you go when you’re off the clock and just living normal life. You may even find the perfect location is simply in your own home, a creative space or a cool coffee shop downtown. Ideally id its indoors we’ll be somewhere with plenty of natural light as these locations will be produce the best photos. If you don’t have anything specific in mind, coffee shops, hotels, studios or co-working spaces are often great places to start.


You’ll want to think about what props you can incorporate to your personal branding photography shoot, which can bring your location to life and add depth to the brand story. Props can be anything you interact with to do your work or that you use day-to-day life.


Of all the factors in your personal branding photography shoot, nothing affects the mood & character you give off more than your choice of outfit. That’s why its important to choose outfits that suit your personality and your brand. The better your clothing fits to your body, the better you will look and feel in your photos. In general aim for simple patterns and more muted colors. Take a few selfies in your outfits to get a feel for how you look. I’m also happy to provide some feedback if you need help choosing!

Hair & Makeup – If you really want to maximize your photos, I’d highly suggest working with a professional hairstylist and or makeup artist to ensure you look your very best. 

personal branding photography
client testimonial

“Working with Monika is an absolute joy. She has photographed several events for us and each time the results have been wonderful. She is especially intuitive when it comes portraiture photography, bringing out the natural character in a really relaxed way. I simply love the way she captures life through her lens!”


How it works?


It’s always best to book in several weeks in advance if you need your photos for a specific deadline to ensure I have availability and can deliver them to you on time. In order to hold your session date, I require a 50% retainer upfront and a signed contract. Full payment is due prior to the date of your session. Simply contact me and I’ll send trough your contract & payment details!


Once we’ve set the date for your shoot, we’ll book in a date for our strategy call. Prior to this call we can begin brainstorming ideas and creating an editorial plan for your shoot. Knowing where and how you want to use your image helps me plan out the shoot to maximize what we can capture. For this reason, I’ll get you to write me a short brand description which lists all the uses you need from your photos. For instance. If you want to use text across your images, whether you need them in square, landscape or portrait format, and where you plan to post, print and display them.


Please create a brief but detailed description of the heart of your brand and what you stand for so I can plan out how we will capture this in your images. If you have any specific colors, themes, props or environments we need to incorporate please list these as well. We will talk through these during our strategy call.


Prior to the session, make sure you book any hair & makeup appointments and plan them to finish at least 1 hour before our session start to allow for delays. Should you arrive late for our session I cannot guarantee I will have the ability to extend our end time, so this is very important.

Make sure to arrive well hydrated and maximize on your sleep 2-3 days leading up to the session, as this will affect both your energy and physical appearance for your photos 🙂


Once the session arrives its all about relaxing and enjoying the process. We’ve already planned out the shots, outfits and goals for the session, so the shoot is more about having a good time and connecting with the things you love, rather than on posing with the camera. I’ll take a mixture of action shots & portraits that help show your audience what it is you do on a daily basis. I’ll also grab some behind the scenes photos for a more personal view of who you are outside the job.


My editing turnaround time is usually takes about 2-3 weeks. I’ll go through and remove any shots where eyes were closed etc. but the rest, I leave for you to choose from. Once editing is complete, I will upload your photos to a custom client gallery where you can download and share them instantly.

I provide basic retouching with all packages, however if you have any in depth photoshop requests for the shoot, I can provide a customized quote based on the extra editing time.

Personal Branding Photography Prices

Every brand is unique, so feel free to ask about custom shoots. That said, here are few of my most popular options!


Ideal for entrepreneurs looking for a few solid shots to use in profiles, emails etc.

  • Pre-photoshoot strategy session
  • 1 hr session
  • 2 outfits
  • 1-2 locations
  • 20 finished images (with option to purchase more)
  • Private online gallery
  • Full res digital downloads




Ideal for entrepreneurs looking for a solid amount of variety and fresh media for 3-6 months


    • Pre-photoshoot strategy session
    • Half day shoot (4h)
    • 3 outfit changes
    • 2-3 locations
    • 60 finished images
    • Private online gallery
    • Full Res Digital download



The option includes a full day of photography time, along with 200 full edited images. Ideal for personal brands with an outdoor, adventure or lifestyle theme, or if you just want to get all the content you need for the next year in one shoot!

  • Pre-photoshoot strategy session
  • Full day shoot (8h)
  • up to 8 outfit changes
  • 2-6 locations
  • 200 finished images
  • Personal client gallery
  • Full Res Digital download



I love seeing the confidence boost my clients get when they share their images on their website, social media, newsletters and all of their marketing materials – not to mention the time they save having library of images ready to be used. Most clients have found that they want more and more photos so they can keep their marketing material consistent and up to date. 

I am now offering a VIP subscription service including multiple sessions within a year. Get in touch to find out more about VIP subscription!