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About Monika

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I’m personal brand photographer from London who loves to work with small business owners and creatives, who want to level up their content with images that tell their brand stories. 

personal brand photography

personal brand photographer London

It’s my job to capture a beautiful representation of yourself and deliver that boldly to the world with powerfully magnetic, client-attractive photos.

I create a professional, creative and unique images. I am able to see beauty in everything and everyone because I’m sensitive observant and very empathetic.

I listen to my clients and try to learn as much as I can about themselves , their plans and expectations. This helps me plan the session carefully. Although, I try to be very relaxed and informal, I’m ready to give you subtle directions, should you feel you might need it. I can offer my clients custom approach and relaxed service.

I would really love to get to know you. In fact, I believe this is vital in creating an amazing personal brand photographs and to capture the essence of you and your incredible brand story. 



As personal brand photographer I shoot headshots, lifestyle portraits, projects, events, products and bespoke flat-lays. I live to discover visual stories that connect passion, heart and mind, and I have unwavering love for telling bold, unforgettable narratives. In my style I am looking for simplicity, decisive moments and interesting light composed or combined with texture, dimension and mood. 

My experience with photography started in 2013 when I photographed portraits and weddings. As a photographer and visual artist I realized that I love to collaborate and create personal branding stories for creative businesses. I love to capture moments, tell stories and create with no limits to make visions happen. 

I’m Polish girl living in London with my husband and children and I understand how hard it can be  for many of you managing your precious time between your business, family and life. 

I’m here to help you with your business so you can focus more on work you are passionate about and your family.  If you came here looking for personal brand photographic experience which is creative fun and most importantly, makes you feel at ease get in touch with me. I’d absolutely love to hear from you so don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions!